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It sounds rather crazy to think that a single picture could be the difference between you getting dozens of messages in your inbox and getting none. And the whole concept is crazy itself. What’s being asked of us is to compress our entire being into a single picture. A single picture with predetermined dimensions. And that’s not all, that single picture should be so good that the members of the opposite sex would want to date you. Things were not like this in the past. Imagine explaining to your ancestors what a profile picture is and what it does. However, this is how things work now and we simply must get with the times. The last thing we would want is to be left behind.

With that being said, we recommend you avoid using major dating platforms. When it comes to farmer dating, they’re simply not that good. If you’re looking for better alternatives, just take a look at our list of Best Farmer Dating Sites. Almost all of them are free to join including the most popular one Single Farmers Dating. Now it’s time to start working on that perfect profile picture. First of all, you need to answer two questions that have nothing to do with the picture itself. You should think about what you want from this experience and what image of yourself you want to project to the world. The answers will help you with the selection process.

For example, if you’re looking for a serious relationship, the picture should have a more serious feel to it and vice versa. And if you perhaps want to project a carefree and jubilant image of yourself but are looking for a soulmate, that might seem like a conflict of interest to you. But not to us! Remember, these are simple guidelines that are running in the background, do not take them literally. They’re more of a feeling or a vibe as the young would say. When you’re finished with that it’s time to really get going. You should avoid selfies at all costs! The front camera of your phone usually produces lower-quality images and selfies distort the perspective, oftentimes making it seem photoshopped.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should not use filters or photoshop. It’s best to take pictures in natural lighting conditions. You can choose between somewhere outside or indoors but it has to be during the day. Mostly because the flash not only adds years but also makes the pictures feel fake. You also should not use pictures with other people, especially members of the opposite sex. Finally, two of the most important tips we can give are to remember to smile and use recent photos. The last thing you would want is to deceive someone. So, keep a positive frame of mind and good things will happen!

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