Farmers Dating Site Review - UPDATED Apr. 2024

UPDATED Apr. 2024
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In the sea of dating websites, there is finally a site that caters to farmers and people who are into the country lifestyle. If you are a single farmer or just looking to meet one, this might be the right place for you. Take a look at our Farmers Dating Site review and find out more about this new but fast-growing website.

First Impression

We have to say that our first impression of Farmers Dating Site was a very positive one. It’s one of the nicest looking niche dating websites we’ve seen in a while, and despite the fact it’s relatively new, it looks like a legitimate website with plenty of cool users to meet and talk to. This website is obviously all about farmer dating but even if you are not necessarily a farmer, it will make you feel right at home. A warm, outgoing and friendly place, which is clear from the moment you first enter Farmers Dating Site.

farmers dating site homepage

Design And Functionality

As we mentioned earlier in this Farmers Dating Site review, this is a really nice-looking website. Dating websites, especially if they are created for a group of people sharing certain interests or backgrounds, sometimes tend to be a bit too basic and even old-timey, but that’s definitely not the case with Farmers Dating Site. It’s not a particularly elaborate website either, meaning the creators obviously managed to find that perfect balance when it comes to design. It’s simple yet effective, not at all cluttered, but not poor-looking either. The dominant color scheme is, of course, green, and there are some photos too, with nice looking couples in a country setting.

Farmers Dating Site is also very easy to use. It’s not a complicated website and it doesn’t have that many features, so everyone should be able to get a handle on it in no time, even people who are not exactly well-versed in terms of Internet and dating websites. The website has great functionality and runs very smoothly.

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As we already stated, Farmers Dating Site doesn’t have too many features, but it does have the essentials. E-mailing, chat, and instant messaging (IM) are the options you have when it comes to communicating with other users. Some dating websites don’t even have IMs or chat rooms, so it’s fair to say that in this department, Farmers Dating Site did quite well.

There is also the option of sending flirts to other users. Flirts are a cool feature that some of the best farmer dating websites have, and it’s a great and fun way to let a person know you like them and want to get to know them better. Since they do not involve any direct communication, these flirts are ideal for users who are a bit shy or introvert.

Farmers Dating Site also has a feature called The Little Black Book. In this “book,” you can add all the users you like and would like to get to know better, provided you get their consent. Once they approve of you adding them to your Little Black Book, you will have access to some extra info and even some private pictures.

Another cool feature is the “not interested” feature. When you check the “not interested” box next to a user’s profile picture, that person will no longer be able to contact you. This is a great way for everyone to feel safer and more relaxed.

However, note that not all features are available to everyone. Users with a free account can only create a profile with a picture, search for users in their area, and receive IMs and flirts. To gain access to other features, you will have to upgrade to the premium account.


Farmers Dating Site has a small but active community of members. Women are in a slight lead here, but there are plenty of guys as well. Most of the users are from the United States. Users are generally pretty active around the clock, although the site is the busiest in the evening hours.

There are little to no fake or spam accounts on this website and the crowd is generally very easy going, fun, and eager to meet new people.

Farmers Dating Site App

Mobile phones have become a necessary part of our lives. And don’t you think for one second that farmers don’t use phones or apps because they most certainly do? Everything they do, they can do just a little bit faster and better by using apps. This is simply the world we live in. If you’re looking for the best Farmer dating app, you’ve just found it! Farmer Dating Site app is an extremely easy-to-use, sleek, and useful dating app. It’s powered by a complex matching algorithm that will help you connect with like-minded individuals in a matter of minutes.

Farmer Dating Site App Review

And to make things even better, it’s completely free. Of course, you could go for the premium version but the regular app is just as good. So, you might be wondering how this app actually works, and here’s what we found out during our tests. First of all, the Farmers Dating Site app is available for both iPhone and Android users. Secondly, the user interface is simple and effective. You don’t have to be some tech-savvy hacker to create a profile here in under a minute.

You just need a picture and a really brief bio and you’re good to go. It goes without saying that you can like, chat, and send pictures to other users. However, you can also send flirts, something that we haven’t seen in other apps. There’s also a very robust Rapid Match system that will pair you up with a profile the algorithm thinks would be best for you. From that moment on, the choice is yours, you can swipe left or right, depending on your preferences.

Speaking of preferences, you can also set your search parameters quite easily. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate farmer dating app, you should check out the Farmers Dating Site app. It’s that good.

Closing Word

As you can see from our Farmers Dating Site review, this is a very cool new place to meet single farmers. It’s nicely designed, highly functional, and has some pretty cool features. Whether you are a single farmer or just someone who’s into the lifestyle, you should definitely give this site a try.

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User Reviews (15)

Farmers Dating Site customer rating based on 15 user reviews.

The Farmers Dating Site reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the dating site reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. Tony | August 4, 2020

    I have requested numerous times to have my profile removed. So far 6 months have passed by and still receive their daily email offers for a $1.00 subscription. If that doesn’t work then they say you have emails waiting. What part of remove my profile don’t the understand? I spoke to customer service twice and they promised me that they would remove my account. Nope not yet and like I said 6 months have passed. This site is like all the other sites. A joke. Don’t waste your time or money!

  2. Dwight Messing | December 11, 2019

    I just subscribed and already have problems. I called the help line twice, and got dropped both times. I wrote a message, and got the same reply to call the same number. I too wonder if a lot of the profiles are fakes, or old abandoned accounts. I sent out messages, and will see. I don’t see how they get such a glowing review. The site is full of ads wanting you to subscribe to more sites. There are questions about I tried that. They are expensive, but at least I did get some responses. Everyone’s experience is different. Maybe this site works great for you. So far, I am skeptical. Thank goodness, I didn’t pay a huge amount to sign up.

  3. Little Jack Monroe | September 17, 2019

    My pal over at the car shop recommended this website to be cuz I used to live on a farm and I know a thing or two about horses and cattle and other stuff. Im hoping to meet a nice lady to be friends and to go out for a drink sometimes. I have had some difficulties after I signed up so I didn’t receive any messages, but then it turned out I didn’t complete my profile. I took care of that and now I have some 10-15 friends on the website I talk to almost every day.

  4. Mrs Bradshaw | June 5, 2019

    Terrific website for meeting other farmers. Well, Im not exactly a proper farmer but I did grow up on a farm so I am a farmgirl at heart lol Anyways I like the website, it has some nice features, especially the flirts. On some days, I send and receive like 40-50 of them!

  5. David1984 | May 14, 2019

    Finally, real girls who aren’t playing hard to get and just looking for rich guys so they wouldn’t have to work. I almost gave up on the idea of finding a wife but now I think it could actually happen soon.

  6. SarahLee | April 11, 2019

    Maybe I’m just lucky but I’ve already met 3 guys I would definitely like to date. We have just started chatting but it’s definitely looking good 😉

  7. Emil Macleod | November 30, 2018

    I do rapid match when I’m bored and it turned out to be a score. Two girls wrote to me and we’ve been talking ever since. Didn’t think it would work honestly but I’m glad it did

  8. Archie Thornton | September 11, 2018

    This site tricks you with all its free features like flirts and if she’s interested but I it’s all for nothing since you can’t do anything with it. It’s the same as all the other fakes. Don’t be fooled to spend any money here!

  9. Myles Nicholls | March 11, 2018

    Some of these women lie about their age and have fake photos. I would like that there is an option for webcamming that way you could know who’s real and who’s not. Maybe there is but I don’t see it. Letters are so tiny.

  10. Nylah Moreno | December 28, 2017

    I’m glad that there’s a block feature since I had to block cople of guys didn’t come to this site looking to be polite rather the opposite. But I guess you have to kiss some frogs first…

  11. Maya Calvert | November 28, 2017

    I’ve tried using free conversation option but it doesn’t work and there are no other options for talking to people accept sending them messages which is not free.

  12. Valerie Wooten | July 24, 2017

    I know that some people mistake basic for simple but this is really dated and just plain ugly don’t know why anyone would wanna pay for joining this site. And while it says it’s free, it’s not. You have to pay to be able to talk to members if there are some

  13. Alicja Thornton | March 22, 2017

    Right from the start I’ve met a guy and we hit it off instantly. He invited me to his farm next week but I’ll just wait a bit more to get to know him better. You can never be sure online.

  14. Cassidy Arnold | September 22, 2016

    Many profiles barely have any info and if I wanna see whether or not they are real I have to send a message and I can’t do that unless I pay so it’s not free. Anything you get to use fro free is useless and I think the profiles are fake.

  15. Chaim Delaney | February 25, 2016

    I’m a born and raised farmer who just wants to find a girl to settle down with but it’s hard when even sites that are supposed to help you turn out to be fake in the end. Not cool

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