How To Manage Your Long Distance Farmer Relationship


You’ve finally found your farmer soul mate and you are exuberantly happy, save one problem – you live far away from each other. Whether you live a different city or a different state, not being able to see your partner as often as you would like bothers you and you’re not sure how to make your relationship work. True, it won’t be easy and you will have challenges along the way, but with the right attitude, anything is possible. If both of you want your long distance relationship to last, then there are some tips and tricks that you can use to feel closer to each other, even if there is a good mileage between you two.

First, you need to establish some rules in the relationship. They don’t have to be strictly written down and stamped, but you two should be aware of each other’s desires and plans for the future. This is not always an easy conversation to have, but it is important for you to have it, as it will put the future of your relationship into perspective.

When it comes to staying in touch, do so abundantly, but also be aware that there should be a line. If something great happened to you and you wish to share it with your partner or if something reminded you of him/her, definitely text them or mention it in your talks, but try to avoid spamming one another. You both have a life, and while your partner is a huge part of it, he or she should never be all of it. Besides, dating farmers requires you to have some patience as they won’t always be available to talk to you or answer your texts immediately – they will be working most of the time.

Speaking of the ways to contact each other, mix and match with different channels. Skype is the most common means of seeing each other and spending time together even when apart, but do other things as well. Send some interesting photographs you snapped while on your way to work, even send handwritten letters to each other. Another good practice is to have your own rituals, something you do every day for each other, whether it is a simple “Good night!” text or whatever else comes to mind.

When working on a long distance relationship with your farmer, things can sometimes become tricky because farmers’ schedules change and shift very often, so it may seem like they don’t think about you or don’t have enough time for you. Dating farmers is not easy but don’t jump to conclusions too quickly if they don’t show up for your Skype date on time, their work probably took longer than usual or something unexpected came up. However, this doesn’t mean that you should tolerate negligence. You will be able to see the difference clearly, so don’t be afraid to tell them how you feel.

You and your farmer surely have something in common; otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be in a relationship in the first place. If you want to have something interesting and new to talk about every day, you should recommend things to each other, books, games, videos, music, whatever left a strong impression on you and you think your partner would like. You will learn a lot about each through the conversations about the same books you’ve read or the same music you’ve listened to, it will help you gain a deeper knowledge of each other, and that is where real intimacy kicks in.

Another important tip is to always try to be there for each other. Just because you’re apart doesn’t mean that you can’t rely on your significant other to have your back in challenging situations. Listening to one another is incredibly important in a long distance relationship and sometimes, telling your partner about a bad day can make all the difference. If you had a fight, touch base as soon as you cool down and tell each other honestly how you felt, it will mend the issues much quicker than the silent treatment and pouting.

Last, but not the least, keep each other interested all the time. Spicing up the relationship will make you feel wanted, even when your partner is somewhere in the field, doing honest work.

Being in a long distance relationship with a farmer can work if you respect each other’s boundaries and differences and glorify your similarities, as well as your love for one another. Finally, when you have the chance to see each other in person, make sure that you spend quality time together: do whatever you wanted to do but couldn’t because you were apart, go on rural dates, and just enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.


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