What’s it like to be a Farmer’s wife?

Whats it like to be a farmers wife

We decided to take our previous article, Is it difficult to date a farmer, and take it to its natural conclusion. After all, this is one of the most important questions any woman dating a farmer could ask. Especially if they’ve never had any contact with a rural way of life. What usually happens is that people start remembering all these old movies and television shows. Like we don’t live in the 21st century. Or they go the other way around and stumble upon hipster blogs, vlogs, and other logs explaining how they decided to move to a farm and grow their own food. 

The answer to the question of what’s it like to be a farmer’s wife is relatively easy: it’s whatever you and your partner make it to be. It’s not too hard and it’s not too easy but one thing is certain, it is mighty rewarding. If we take away your relationship out of the equation, everything comes down to a single factor: your farm. Is it a big or a small farm? Are there any animals? What crops do you have? The answers to these questions will provide you with important insights. However, we know that you’re looking for something more concrete and tangible.

Farmer Watering His Crops

First of all, it’s true that on a farm men usually do most of the physical work and women focus on the technical, financial and administrative tasks. Each of these tasks is equally important. After all, you don’t the IRS coming down on you or making an investment that’s simply not going to pay out. If, however, you plan your work and your future together intelligently and rationally, the benefits could be huge. And all of these tasks will bring you closer to your partner. So, in general, being a farmer’s wife is much like running a business with your partner.

Your relationship will be your bedrock and it will help you meet the challenges head on. And there will be challenges, as you will learn to live with uncertainty and find new joy in life in your loved ones. Your husband, your children, friends, and religion. You cannot control the weather. You cannot control every aspect of the lives of your livestock. This will put you in a position where you will learn to let go of things and enjoy the time you’re spending with your partner.

Farmers Wife Working on a Computer

Speaking of weather, you should know that the changing seasons also influence your life. Usually, things are relatively slow during the winter and quite lively during the summer. You will be in touch with nature and your children will have the opportunity to grow up in the best possible environment. We know we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves with children but if you’re already married, why not have a couple of little farmers running around, enjoying the fresh air, healthy food, and quality family time?

One of the biggest misconception about the lives of farmer’s wives is that they don’t see their husband because he’s always working on something somewhere. This is simply not true as there’s no boss (shhh, we won’t tell anyone but you could actually be the boss) forcing your husband to go to work or business trips or anything like that. You make your own schedule and you can visit your husband any time you want! Why not have a picnic in the middle of a day or just go for a drive? You and your husband have all the freedom in the world to do that.

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